At National Multitech, we offer the most powerful, highly scalable, enterprise data management software solution in the space and facility industry. No computer-aided facilities management system (CAFM) has our cutting edge technology. Built on an open-source platform, our service offers flexibility and power, without locking you into a proprietary system.

Enterprise Data Management options.

  • Can integrate with client’s existing database
  • Can use templates from National MultiTech
  • Can create new data models on client’s platform

Standard relational database formats

  • Facilitates ease of data import from and export to other business applications
  • Standardized data or Customized data

Standard data

  • Space Characteristics
  • Occupancy Data
  • Safety and emergency preparation information
  • Chargeback data
  • Workplace assets: equipment, furniture, art

Fully integrates with MapGuide Enterprise

  • Open Source mapping solution
  • Cutting edge, powered and supported by the best of the best programmers from around the world
  • Proven reliability
  • Destined for a long future
  • Endorsed by Autodesk

Using an OS mapping program is another expression of our philosophy – making sure that the data is useable to the largest group of people.

Built on a CADPlus® core

  • AutoCAD® floor plans created in National CAD Standard layers
  • InfoEngine® drives the content of your enterprise data management system.
  • Generic entities and format
  • Readily useable by Professional Service consultants
  • Accurate Square Footage calculations
  • Accurate building gross/net ratios

Standardization is key, and using National CAD Standard layers ensures drawings that are useable for the life of the building.

The floor plans are the common denominator of the whole system – polylines on the drawing are the key for organizing volumes of information needed for good decision making.

The floor plans can “know” anything your business needs to know – how big, how many, how much it costs, maintenance schedules, safety considerations, phone numbers, names, departments, lease terms, fixture schedules, etc.

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