We Are Experts In Our Field

  • We joined ADN in 1996 (Autodesk Developer Network).
  • We have 25 years experience in Data Management Applications.
  • We offer fast and affordable Start Up.
  • Our service is affordable, easy to buy and easy to use.
  • We provide reliable access to vital business information as a foundation for good decision making.

Products and Services

National MultiTech provides complete expert technical advice and solutions for integrating and standardizing all aspects of facilities and population management tools. Consultants and technical personnel are able to combine CAD, database, and desktop applications to suit any size company. Existing “off the shelf” software can be combined with custom programming and solutions to fit individual company requirements.

Our Philosophy

  • Vital Business information should be compiled and automated for easy access and use.
  • This data should be useable by the largest group of people.
  • Data storage, maintenance and retrieval should be affordable and easy to use.
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